Just had an impromptu lunch in town with Mr M and the one remaining child. The older two left at an ungodly hour for the first day of a two day hockey tournament. Soooooo happy that No 1 is driving now; it’s a life changer.

Mr M is currently watching the rugby on tv. No 3 should be doing some homework, but I’m doubtful, and the dog is sitting on a chair she shouldn’t be sitting on.

I’m rambling on in the vain hope the dishwasher and washing machine might sort themselves out for one.


I hope this person wins something on the lottery tonight… at least enough to buy another pair of gloves!

On a different subject, I really enjoyed reading the editor’s letter in the latest issue of Cereal magazine, Vol 16 (by Rosa Park) . All about her love of books and how she’s finally come to call herself a book collector. Books are so much more than … books, right?

Mr M and I have finally come ’round to watch ‘Killing Eve’… I find it really intriguing, but totally strange too. Are we supposed to laugh? What about all the horrendous violence. Very confusing.

My furious knitting is not progressing very fast. Turns out that 3.5mm needles and thin yarn don’t go very far very quickly. I’m knitting the body, 5cm to go still, but it seems to be taking forever. Then hope the stitch count matches otherwise the colour work … won’t work. And it won’t be funny at all. I might cry. Or have a big tantrum. Or both. Hormones are rioting at the moment…

Menopause? Who knows, really. All I know is that my mood swings are in full swing (ask Mr M) and I can’t sleep. I fall asleep easily and then… bam! awake for hours for no reason whatsoever. I don’t feel stressed, anxious or worried. I just can’t sleep a whole night through.


Now, I really need to sort out that sink…

All these photos were taken in the 10min walk back from town. People are really distracted lately.

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