The new tree has arrived.  I had never had to return a Christmas tree before now… it seems somehow wrong and a symbol of what’s wrong in society today… I mean, seriously?  Is a tree really that important?  Are we looking for perfection in all the wrong places? Shouldn’t we fight injustices instead of striving for the perfect tree?  Except… well, small things are important too and because we’re worried about a tree it does’t mean we don’t care for the big things too right?   Apologies for the mood… it’s freezing out there, No 3 is ice-skating without a coat and/or gloves/hat etc. and I’m torn between feeling sorry for him and wanting to drive a coat to where he is and being totally furious that he just ignored me this morning when I told him to take one with him.

Children eh? Who’d have them…

Anyway, the tree is up.  Unsheathing my best emotional blackmailing I managed to get all the boys to help with the decorating… it’s hard to get them ALL in one room together if it doesn’t involve food these days.  It’s not as nice as the first tree but it’ll do.

I’ve been listening to Christmas song looking for new ones/different ones and it was not a good idea.  Justin (Bieber) wants to get ‘shawty with you’… (whaaaat?) and someone else wants a hippopotamus for Christmas, and only a hippopotamus will do…  honestly people, let’s bring back the ‘chestnuts and the open fires and the silent nights…’!  Any suggestions are most welcome.

Silent Nights… oh yes, No moaning, no grumpiness, no nothing.  Silence.  Wouldn’t that be nice.

The broom broke.  It’s fixable.  But it’s broken.  Most annoying.

The first amaryllis has bloomed.  It’s blooming marvellous.  White, I choose white this year.

One more hockey training and one more tournament and then we can rest, non more taxiing people around, no more washing kit or arranging matches… for a few weeks at least.

I am really really looking forward to slow down this year, we’re having a small Christmas with my parents and Mr M’s dad… in our home.  I want to flop on the sofa, and do jigsaw puzzles and play cards… I want to stay in bed late in the morning and take walks all wrapped up in hats and scarf knowing there’s a hot chocolate waiting for me at home.  What about you? any plans?  are you going away? are you hosting?  

I think I’m going to make soup now…

Somebody has stolen my kitchen scissors.

My brother is in hospital in South Sudan with malaria and suspected typhoid fever… he’ll be ok, but send good thoughts.


4 thoughts on “– 2018/202 – random Friday

  1. Jo says:

    Your Christmas plan sounds good. It has changed as the kids have grown and I feel there are so few left till the children are all 18+ I am finding this teenage stage so hard. They need you but they don’t want you. Such a change from little ones all clammering for attention now it’s me clammering for theirs! I managed 2 children to help with the tree, all 3 would be too much to try for!


  2. Deb Cox says:

    Oh Monica, positive thoughts coming from London, Ontario and all will be well. Or actually we shall accept and remember to be content with what we have. Take a lovely deep breath (many) and do what you can. You have a lovely family and they are growing and being their own peeps with you are their home base because you are always there. They love you and you know it but sometimes…………………oh boy.
    Big thoughts for your brother also my dear lady.
    Happy holidays and remember, big breath. xoxoxoxo


  3. Jacqui says:

    I like the Chris Isaak Christmas album.My husband got the decorations down from the attic, my son helped assemble the tree, my daughter decorated it until she got bored and I took up where she left off – so a bit of a relay.
    Have a lovely Christmas, and all good thoughts for your brother xx


  4. Pamela says:

    Have a listen to some St Agnes Fountain. They get together each Christmas and do a little tour and have a few albums. They do the most amazing mash ups of Christmas carols with other songs eg. Hark the Herald Angels to Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean and it so works! Starting to feel like it wouldn’t be Christmas without seeing them perform!


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