One of my favourite craft magazines is Koel…  the photography is incredible, the styling impeccable… it makes me feel calm and peaceful… and makes me wants to be surrounded by handmade objects and live slow.

Which is something totally ironic if you just knew the pace of this family.  It ain’t gonna happen.  BUT, one can hope and slowly begin..


Back to the magazine and crafting.  My kitchen tea-towel/napkins/potholder situation is a mess.  Too many colours and patterns and it gives me a headache, but equally I’m not going to throw things away just because I don’t like them anymore.  (Am I the only one who struggles with the whole ‘let’s declutter and get rid of everything and feel smug about it? I mean, what’s going to happen to all the stuff we’re supposed to get rid of?  Shouldn’t we keep it and slowly use it up? – let’s face it, no point getting rid of ten mugs and only have six in the cupboard only to having to buy some when these break… no? just me?.  End or rant).   Anyway, I feel the need to simplify so I’ve ordered some dark blue/indigo dye and my napkins are going in for a treatment in the morning.  Wait and see.

Could be tragic.  Might end up being one of my greatest ideas.

Back to Koel, following their suggestion I crocheted a new table mat/pot holder… whatever in wool.  Using waffle stitch which now is (incidentally, autocorrect keeps wanting to change ‘which is’ for ‘chichis’… is that a joke?) my favourite stitch ever…


I used a lonely skein of Brooklyn Tweed, Shelter.


Because of the thickness the stitch creates it’s perfect under a hot plate or a teapot. and it is so tactile and visually pleasing I now would like to waffle stitch everything.  Pillows and mats and scarves…

Somebody stop me.



2 thoughts on “– 2018/187 – crochet … something…

  1. Jo says:

    I agree with the smugness! Glad it not just me. Then there is the de clutterer who has written a book that you have to buy in order to get rid of stuff! Surely it’s just another book to deal with……….


  2. Pamela says:

    I suspect the trick is to not acquire the stuff that is going to clutter up the house in the first place. Sadly when you knit and sew and have an out of control stash acquisition problem and no dedicated craft room then the whole house ends up crammed with clutter. I’m working on it but not going to give up my stash. Reduced working hours so less money but more time might just lead to a dent being made in my stash though.


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