I’m not a cat person.  I spent all my life being allergic to cats, sneezing in their presence, itchy face and runny eyes.  Then my  parents decided to get one.  Don’t know the reasons why, and I tried really hard not to get a little annoyed at having to take antihistamines every ime I went home, tried really hard not to be dismayed at the liberties this animal took.  Let’s face it… cats do what they want to do.  End of.  You can’t train a cat, it trains you.  Case in point: my dad is a retired general.  Yeah.  Scary stuff.  You don’t want a general for a parent when you’re a teenager, trust me, and yet… it’s completely subjugated by this fat red-haired monster that lives in their house.

This weekend they were away and I was in charge of checking up on him in the morning and evening, feeding, change the water (always fresh water, every time he asks for it?… yeah I know, I rolled my eyes too)… paying him some attention.  To a cat??  Do I need to chat to a cat?

Whatever.  Old people and cats.

So I decided to do this week College reading at their house … ‘to spend time with the cat’.  Eye roll no 2.

And then this happened:


He wouldn’t NOT leave me alone.  I’m sure he knew he was being annoying…  Cat KNOW exactly what they’re doing, because when I was about to fling him off the table… he went all cute on me…


Yeah… I’m onto you….


ps.  he’s very very very very soft.

4 thoughts on “– 2018/182 – Oscar the cat

  1. Rebecca says:

    I’m a sucker for a ginger tom cat. They steal my heart and suddenly I’m sitting on the floor whilst he stretches on the sofa. Harrumph!


  2. Clicky Needles says:

    😂 he does look lovely.


  3. Mrs.GH. says:

    You have no choice in the matter; he has decided you are his friend! ohoh, the lovely furry beastie!


  4. Shirley says:

    He is just adorable!!! Of course, I love all cats and especially tabby cats. Love that he has the general wrapped around his paw.


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