This is how my week began:

  1. Mr M, has a rash on his leg.  Nothing serious, probably an allergic reaction to something or other and has been to the doctor and it’s all fine.  BUT when the thing starts to itch he can only find relief by putting ice over it.  So… do you know what he used during last night, unbeknown to me, instead of ice, in bed?  A pack of frozen blueberries.  BLUEBERRIES!!! and it leaked.  On white sheets.  Need I say more?
  2. I thought I’d be nice and leave the boys asleep and put all the recycling out for collection myself.  And then the gate lock was frozen. And I could hear the rubbish track at the top of the road… and I had to frantically heat the key with matches so that I could open the gate in time.  (No time to boil water you smarty pants, you).  I made it just in time.
  3. I Put my breakfast egg in the boiling water and it must have been cracked because it simply exploded in the water… egg white everywhere.  I was left with a hardboiled yoke.
  4. I broke a glass whilst clearing the sink.
  5. Had to skip my college trip because No 3 is poorly and my mother is poorly too so there was nobody there to look after him and his brothers.


I really should have gone back to bed, don’t you think?

Let’s have some poetry  and enjoy the sunshine instead.  Another from one of the Dymock poets, in honour of the trip to Dymock I didn’t attend.

Easter Monday (by Eleanor Farjeon)

In the last letter that I had from France
You thanked me for the silver Easter egg
Which I had hidden in the box of apples
You like to munch beyond all other fruit.
You found the egg the Monday before Easter,
And said. ‘I will praise Easter Monday now –
It was such a lovely morning’. Then you spoke
Of the coming battle and said, ‘This is the eve.
‘Good-bye. And may I have a letter soon’.

That Easter Monday was a day for praise,
It was such a lovely morning. In our garden
We sowed our earliest seeds, and in the orchard
The apple-bud was ripe. It was the eve,
There are three letters that you will not get.



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