Sunday morning

Husband asleep.  Dog asleep.  Two teenagers asleep.  One teenager currently getting ready to go to London with friends to watch a game of American Football:  for some reason that I have yet to understand the Philadelphia Eagles are playing the Jacksonville Jaguars… in London.  Slightly baffling… or maybe it’s just me.

I’m loving the quite of this half term break.  I’m slowly getting to grip with the house and my main focus is to get rid of all the surplus stuff we have accumulated.  I need to go through the boys’ clothes and all the cupboards and just … simplify!  Don’t you feel the need to simplify?  The nights are drawing in, it’s nice to sit by the fire with a book, Mr M and I hardly watch TV anymore…

I spent a few days sorting out my clothes and I have put quite a few things on eBay and the boot of my car is full of bags to be taken to a charity shop.  It feels good.

One thing I’m doing just for fun (… don’t judge, to each its own) is to use this app called ‘Get rid of it’.  How it works is really simple.  One day one you get rid of one thing, on day two… two things… on day three, yes you got it, three things and so on.

It’s extremely satisfying, seeing all the stuff piling up and leaving the house.  I need to also tackle the boys’ clothes and the boot room and the pantry.  There are cupboards I haven’t opened since we moved here three years ago.

I got to the app via The Minimalists… they’re much more hardcore than I’d ever could be, but a lot of the things the say make you stop and think.


The apps gives you tips if you’re stuck and need prompting and a running total of the numbers of items you’ve free yourself from.  It’s actually really terrible to think of how we’re surrounding ourselves of stuff we don’t need.



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