… you know when a bored friend sends you a random email suggesting a random activity and you’re bored too so you accept and the main reason is that because you’re both probably having a middle age existential crisis?

Yes, that.

First of all let me tell you something.  I don’t like guns.  If it was up to me people would not be allowed to hold guns ‘for personal defence’.  Of any type. When it comes to hunting… I’m a little bit more ambivalent.. if you kill for trophy it’s a bit NO NO, if you shoot a couple of pheasants and then make a gorgeous pheasant pie… why would that be different from eating a piece of a cow that someone else has butchered?  Also why is it worse shooting a bird dead from the sky than hooking a fish from the water? Are birds more sensitive than fish?  It is a HUGE subject and I’m absolutely too knackered to tackle it this morning on only one cup of coffee.

BUT I don’t really see a problem in shooting clay discs out of the sky, or shooting at a paper target etc.  It may sound hypocritical … and it probably is in certain respects..

Anyway, back to our day out:  it was soon much fun!


It helped that is was a glorious day and we were in a gorgeous location near the Malvern Hills, at South Worcester Shooting Ground  where BASC had organised a ‘Ladies Shooting Day’ to encourage more women to participate to the sport.


We got split into groups of 6 and allocated an instructor;  we got lucky and got Becky who is the local instructor at the grounds and is absolutely brilliant.  Patient and knowleadgable and super nice.

A lot of the lesson was – obviously – about safety and security.  You don’t want to willy nilly hand rifles to a bunch of peri-menopausal women an let them loose, right?  We were there to shoot ‘clays’ (discs made of pulverised limestone that are actually very friable.  There are ‘organic/and biodegradable’ clays out there which are becoming more and more popular, but although the ones we shot weren’t, they weren’t made of plastic either), which looked like this:


(although in the name of honesty… the ones we attempted to shoot down were a little bigger…)


That’s me aiming at the little black speckle in front of me.


I destroyed quite a few, suprising myself, especially because my dominant eye didn’t match the shoulder/side I was comfortable shooting on so I had to close it but I can’t wink so I had to cover my glasses with masking tape AND the eye that I was left with was the bad one… it’s never simple.

Say no more.

We had a gorgeous buffet lunch with lots of game pies and home baked bread and pates…

All in all a fabulous day.  I highly recommend it.




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