… and that’s me, this is not a very late post about the boys going back to school… no it’s me.  I’m going back to school.  School as in college… I am officially an undergraduate student at the local university and let me tell you, it feels exhilarating and absolutely terrifying at the same time.

You know how much I love books and it goes without saying that I’ve always wanted to study English Lit.   ‘The first time I went to uni… many many years ago, for some reason or other I chose a different path, but the thought was always at the back of my head.  Then life took over… work, children, blah blah… so I just kept the fire alive by reading as much as I could and channel my love of learning into all sorts of other endeavours, mainly the of crafting variety, easier to fit around the day to day.

Recently I’ve been looking at Universities and courses with No 1, who’s coming of age very soon, and the fire started to burn a little brighter.

And then the stars aligned.

  •  a hot bath with a glass of wine
  • spaces available to the local university
  • and in he particular the campus which is 7 minutes walk from where I live


A day an email later I was sitting in a seminar room discussing an essay by Sartre.


But brilliant.

But crazy.

And the funny thing is I’m doing it in exactly the same place I got my first degree 23 years ago… except this time I’m older than my lecturers.  And the students could all be my children.  What do they think of me?  Do they think I’m ridiculous?  Why do I bother?  and I have no idea if my brain still works that way either…  Am I wearing the right clothes?  Do I need a rucksack? or  can I get away with my big brown leather bag? I have always used legal yellow paper to write my notes… will they think that’s stupid?  Will they think I’m too keen?

I don’t know how things will pan out around here on the blog either.  I’m only a part time student but life was busy enough before… let’s just say the ‘making’ time might be a little reduced… we’ll see.  If you’re still interested I’ll take you on my journey with me.


And now if you’ll excuse me I have a ton of reading to do…

6 thoughts on “– 2018/163 – back to school

  1. Rebecca says:

    Congratulations! I think this is such a wonderful idea. I did my English Lit degree straight out of college and absolutely loved it. I worried it might diminish my love of reading, but it only made me read more. I will warn you though that you’re going to need a bigger house for all the books that will creep into your life. We’re a household of two english lit students and we’re groaning under the weight of our combined library – it’s wonderful! Really looking forward to following your journey.


  2. kristina says:

    Huge congratulations! So exciting! I did a double major in literature and art, and I’ve thought so many times about going to back (to do a teaching qualification), but I’ve never been brave enough. I so admire you and will look forward to hearing all about it! K xx


  3. Julie says:

    I LOVE this news – that’s fantastic …looking forward to you sharing what you can with us. I’m thinking about doing a geography GCSE as I missed out at school … maybe I should up my game!!!


  4. Deb Cox says:

    Brilliant Monica. Just absolutely bloody brilliant.


  5. Jo says:

    How wonderful. Immerse yourself in your passion. …..and enjoy being able to buy shiny new pens and stationary guilt free!


  6. Jacqui Findlay says:

    All the best Monica. Will follow your journey with interest xx


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