Day 2.

Once Mr M and No 2 finally got out of bed, and after a quick cappuccino and croissant breakfast we headed for the Picasso Museum.  You would have been excused in thinking I was taking them to the guillotine they were so thrilled.


The Museum in its current form only reopened in 2014 and I was really keen to see it… so you can imagine my humongous disappointment when I realised the two floors with Picasso’s own work were actually close to the public for maintenance/re-hanging/something or other.



(my kids love it when I get them to pose on the other side of a room blocking everybody else from going anywhere.  Not).


(The restrooms in the museum were incredibly minimalist).

What we did see was an interesting small exhibition about Diego Giacometti (younger brother of the famous sculptor Alberto Giacometti) who was also a sculptor and who had been commissioned to create the lightings and some of the furniture for the museum…. (I didn’t know he even existed before today… shame on me!)


There was also a very interesting exhibition of Picasso’s most famous painting (is is?) the Guernica… lots of sketches, drawings, preliminary paintings, photographs etc.  The painting itself is never let out of Spain, given its political importance, but at least we saw some original work


After a delicious ‘plat du  jour’ for lunch we just strolled around… for 9.7km… yes, there was much moaning and accusations of child abuse and or slavery… whatever… I don’t care… we’re in Paris, we don’t know if we’d ever be in Paris again so we walk, and we look around and we stimulate our brain cells… am I right or am I right?


Did you know that the Centre Pompidou is 41 years old????


It most certainly stood the test of time…  I’m very fond of this building.  I don’t know why but when I first saw it… something like 36 years ago it really made an impression on me. It was something so different and bold and yet… perfectly logical.  Love it.


(just in case you doubted we were in Paris…)


I love walking.




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