I’m hiding in my kitchen behind this screen because the house is overrun by people and I literally don’t know what to do with myself.

There are three chaps sorting out the wifi.  THREE.

There is one technician servicing the alarm system.

Three of them would like a white coffee with two sugars, one of them white no sugar.


AND I’m waiting for peeps to come and replace the carpet in the master bedroom and the stairs after a certain small dog who shall remain nameless decided not to be well upstairs and all over my bedroom – which, by the way it are all places she’s not supposed to go – … and I mean ‘gross’ stuff.  All over.   Too much details? Sorry, I’m still furious.


On top of that the gates keep getting stuck.  Stuck open, stuck shut, stuck half way.  It’s totally random and extremely annoying.  So I’m waiting for the gate people too.


If you’re wondering about the photos… they were taken on Tuesday night whilst the rest of the nation was being tortured by our football team…  No 1 had some homework for his A-level photography course which required tonnes of powedered paint, a mannequin head and a mother to press the remote control shutter thingy when told to do so.  I can’t wait for the rain to wash the residue away.  On the other hand I love to see my children work and try to solve problems and work things out by themselves, even if my butt went to sleep sitting for ages on an upturned plant pot.


Then I need to search for the boys’ navy house tops which are required for tomorrow’s sports day and of course have vanished, all three of them.  Why is it that they’re always around except when you need them?  I refuse to buy anymore… I know they’re in the house somewhere and I will find them.  I will.

Talking of finding things, something funny happened last night; Mr M was driving home from work when it felt and heard the car key slipping out of his shorts pocket (his new car doesn’t have a key slot, as long as the key is in the car… it goes) onto the floor.  When he got home went to retrieve it… and the key has vanished.  It’s in the car somewhere but we just can’t find it… we moved the seat, looked under it, to the side of it, in the door pockets,  I mean it EVERYWHERE… he looked, than I looked (and you know what they say, nothing is lost until mum can’t find it..), the boys looked.  Nothing.  We know it’s in there somewhere because the car starts… but where? (He has got another key so the car can be locked, but it’s a total mystery)


How soon do you think  I can eat a lemon ice lolly?  I’m totally obsessed by them.


I’m totally loving this weather… it reminds me of the summer of my youth, fresh morning, hot hot afternoons, long lazy evenings… perfection.  Please don’t moan to me that it’s too hot.  Stick your feet in a bowl of cold water and grab a book, you’ll like it, I promise.

I suppose I could do the ironing…






One thought on “– 2018/120 – random

  1. Amy L says:

    I’ve lost things in my car too. After months of searching, I found that the carpet of the car underneath the seat has slits in it on both sides where the seat slides up and back to adjust for leg length. The tweezers were there as were coins. Buried treasure! I hope your car is similar and you hit the jackpot.


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