I have so many things to talk to you about this week I don’t know where to start… three books (three!!), a tidy studio (rare occurrence), a finished quilt (even rarer than a tidy studio)… geesh… first things first though; what I want to share is the beautiful visit to Hauser & Wirth Somerset.  We first stumbled on H&W in LA whilst strolling around the Art district looking for shelter from the rain.  We were totally enchanted by the exhibition of mid-century art so imagine our surprise when we realised that this amazing gallery is actually part of a ‘series’ of galleries all over the world… including England.

I wanted to visit it last year for my birthday but one thing led to another (actually three reasons… three boys… moving swiftly…) and we never made it.  This year though Mr M and I were staying really close to it so we had to do it.

It’s not just about art, and a guest house, and a fabulous garden… the food is pretty good too.  I had a delicious avocado/poached eggs/bacon ensemble that was truly the perfect brunch after the g&Ts of the night before… ahem…


it’s not very often you can have breakfast with an original Clader ‘stabile’ in view… sigh… The bar is crazy cool and I love the ‘in-view’ kitchen just off it.  I find it oddly reassuring when I can see a restaurant kitchen, don’t you?


The restrooms walls are lined with vintage mirrors and posters from past exhibitions from the other H&W galleries


And then there was the Alexander Calder exhibition.  Oh my… don’t mind if I do…


just perfect.  Mr M here is probably thinking how he could smuggle that painting inside his jumper….


I preferred this one.


and this little thing would look gorgeous on our shelves.


There was also a collection of domestic items he either had fixed or made out of everyday materials in true make do and mend spirit.


And then the garden.  I’m not a gardener, as you know,  but I do appreciate a well thought out planting arrangement and this was gorgeous. (lots of grasses!)


… a perfect combination of textures and colours… and a very odd structure at the end…


what’s not to like?


… wouldn’t you love to have a party in here?…


they even had a big pond with the biggest dragonflies I’d ever seen…


and if anybody knows what these are called I’d be very grateful, I need some in my life.


The attention to details in everything in this place was astonishing.  There was nothing surplus, there was nothing missing, there was nothing out of place.

You all need to go.



2 thoughts on “– 2018/106 – birthday weekend, part 2

  1. The flowers are Eremurus robustus – foxtail lilies. They come in lovely soft shades of pink, yellow and orange.


  2. Clicky Needles says:

    Yeah, Foxtail Lilies. They look amazing in that border don’t they. I have been lusting after some for a while…….


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