I literally stumbled upon this pattern whilst numbingly surfing Instagram when the school bus was late… how did I miss it before?

You can buy the paper version from the website (Tessuti) or you can download it for free which has the double benefit of being immediately available – if you have that itch to scratch – and … of being free…   Admittedly the printing/cutting/putting the pattern together is a little bit of a palaver but this pattern hasn’t got that many pieces so it came together quickly.

You also have the options of making a tunic or a top… initially I had cut it as a tunic but I wasn’t feeling it and ended up cutting it well shorter than the top length too required.  Call me a rebel.


I went for my usual size S, but to be honest it’s a very generous pattern and I could have get away with an XS.

It’s super comfortable and the fabric – a gorgeously soft cotton ikat from… maybe from Merchant and Mills a couple of years ago… maybe… – will soften and drape even more with time…


Gosh I’m slouching so bad… (maybe my dad has been right all along)


I’m super proud of the finishing in this top and for taking the (loooooong time) to thread the serger and get it going.  It’s probably the best ‘made’ thing I’ve ever made, so I don’t care it’s a little big… it might come into his own in the summer.

If that ever comes.


Also check the matching of the pattern and send me a gold medal. I tots deserve it.


How gorgeous is this bag? I rather think they go fabulously together.


… now I’m going to make myself a lovely cup of tea… anyone?


One thought on “– 2018/78 – Athina Top, by Tessuti

  1. kristina says:

    I love your top and the bag–the whole outfit! I’m really tempted to give this a go as the dropped sleeves might actually accommodate my huge shoulders! I think the length you cut it to is perfect–definitely the right decision. And the fabric is gorgeous. The Merchant & Mills website is so dangerous. I’ve been hinting to Gavin about a visit to the store when it reopens this summer… 🙂 xx


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