Whenever I’m come back from holiday I feel the need to ‘sort things’.  I have the urge of diving into cupboards and purge things, throw away the surplus… start afresh.  Now this could be a total denial of the amount of washing that five people produce in a week in a hot country I’ll be the first to admit… but I think that at the bottom of that is the feeling that holiday always bring on of a fresh start, of fully charged batteries, of a desire to put behind all the drudgery, to fix the broken and the wrongs and begin with renew enthusiasm.  Sometimes it lasts longer than other and as I get older this blasted jet lag really knocks me for 6… but still  the fire is there.

I made a list.  A long list.

I’ve already nordered a new chest of drawers for our bedroom because I’m fed up of cardboard drawers in the dressing room shelves (yes, I’m lucky to have a dressing room but it’s not how I would have designed it and certain features – lack of drawers) really annoy me.  So that’s one thing off the list.

And actually our bedroom got painted whilst we were away and I love it, so that is an item sort of out of a prequel list… if that makes even any sense.

Yesterday in between bouts of ironing (can’t stand having an ironing mountain, much rather doing it as it appears out of the dryer) I repotted a few of the plants that needed attention.

I’ve been a member of the Geo-Fleur plant club for a while now and all the little monthly plant the send are doing so well that they started to need a bigger home.  Every month you receive a new plant in a gorgeous little pot and a few other little goodies.  Great fun.


My pilea has been making babies at rabbit pace and my dad has been hinting rather loudly he’d like one to so….


… and this first born, which had moved into its first pad last year needed a bigger one too… ok… a prettier one… and I wanted my coffee cup back…


Then there was this ‘thing’ that had appeared on its one in the pot of a totally different plant.  I have no idea what it is or how it ended up there, but it looks healthy and cute so it got its own pot too.


Any idea? you plant expert?

Anyway, I made a right Royal mess in the kitchen doing all this but it was worth it although I then moved into completely re-doing the shelves above the kitchen because… don’t know, just because and the whole thing took much longer.

As usual.

So next on the list….



One thought on “– 2018/69 – back home

  1. Amy L says:

    I wish you could bottle that organization energy and send some here. And I think the stowaway is a baby jade plant.


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