No I’m not moving you silly!  I’m packing a suitcase.  We’re going skiing.

Actually that first sentence is quite accurate… I’m not moving at all, as my back is still playing up, which makes the whole ‘we’re going’ skiing a little more wishful thinking than reality.

I’m trying to stay positive and I’ll report back when I can find the bloody silver lining in all this, for now let’s pretend everything is hunky dory. 2018 is supposed to be the year of the dog right? in the Chinese calendar?  Isn’t that meant to be lucky? Geesh…

I’ve been trying to use the lesson learnt during the recent ‘winter 10×10’ experiment and cut down the number items by packing things that can be mixed and match, rather than following my usual philosophy of taking all my favourite clothes and realising too late that nothing goes with anything else…  Fingers crossed that the stupid amount of ibuprofen taken in the last four days hasn’t impaired my judgement… I’ll let you know.

Even my toiletries bag has been reduced.  Normally I have two!  And for the smarty pants of you I’m planning to use Mr M’s toothpaste and the hotel shower gel, and yes I could have decanted the shampoo and conditioner… but couldn’t find the little travel bottles.



I most likely won’t use too much make up, but after a day on the slopes and in the wind it’s nice to make a little effort. We’re staying in a hotel… with other people… we don’t want to traumatised the general public…


All the ski stuff is in the boots bag.  Yes I’m taking my boots even if currently I can’t even lift the bag, never mind putting them on and using them … I’m hoping for a miracle.


And I have three books, and headphones, and sunscreen, and knitting, lots of knitting… not that I will need it… because I WILL BE SKIING I WILL BE SKIING I WILL BE SKIING I WILL BE SKIING I WILL BE SKIING I WILL BE SKIING I WILL BE SKIING I WILL BE SKIING I WILL BE SKIING I WILL….



3 thoughts on “– 2018/32 – packing day

  1. Lisa Ronan says:

    Have you tried lolling in a hot bath with a couple of handfuls of Epsom Salts thrown in. ? Fingers are crossed for you. Lisa


  2. You will ski, you will ski, you will ski!


  3. kristina says:

    Will be sending positive skiing thoughts your way! You are such an organised packer! And I forgot to say in my email that I love quilts on the wall 🙂 Happy Travels! K xx


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