• when you your son and his awesome hockey team become Under 16 National Indoor Champions 2018.
  • and you cry of happiness  in front of the computer screen you’ve been refreshing every two minutes because you’re not there to see it in person (I was holding the fort at home…)



  • When people keep hanging lost gloves on your fence
  • and it’s totally creepy



  • When you go to the theatre with a friend and laugh till your cheeks hurt.  If you get the chance go see “the plays that goes wrong“… it’s genius.
  • and you really want to see it again because it would be even funnier the second time



  • when you ask your 12yrs old to put away the toilette paper and this is what you get…
  • and you obviously need to revise your communication skills (remove-the-rolls-from-the-packaging-and-stack-them-neatly-in-the-cupboard-and-then-close-the-cupboard-door)



  • also… the yellow rain jacket in the first photo?  how awesome is that!!!

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