– 2018/7 – look around

You may or may not have picked up on the fact that my parents have left Italy and moved to England a couple of months ago.  Very brave move at their age, but also one that has had unexpected consequences for me on two fronts.  First, and I’ve mentioned this already, I feel like I well and truly left Italy NOW, 29 years (gulp) after the actual fact.  Unexpected feeling.

Second, and this also was a surprise – albeit a positive one – their move is making me look at where I live with different eyes.  I want them to like, to love, being here and so I’m constantly trying to take a step back and see it from their point of view.   I’m finding a new appreciation and discovering things that I had previously overlooked.

In my new born again status (… maybe this is a little dramatic, but you get the idea), when I dropped No 1 son off to his hockey match I didn’t just hang around in the car with a book (in itself a worthwhile exercise I must add) waiting during the long warm up hour, but hauled my lazy bottom around the little small town of Newent and had a good look around.

Very cute.

It was a cold and grey day as you can see, but I was amazed to see so many beautiful old buildings…and I’m a total sucker for architecture.  I’ve been driving through this place for years without giving a thought and felt really ashamed.

Like every respectable market town… the market hall is gorgeous.


Don’t you think?


And the shops really curated their windows, which is a good sign in my books.


Wherever you look there are cure corners and signs of the past.IMG_9980IMG_9978IMG_9977IMG_9981

It was such a shame that this beautiful house was left abandoned….


I found a beautiful example of German pottery in one of the many charity shops… (photos to come)…


and discovered an unknown to me lovely quilting store!  Who knew.

And then I went back to hockey…