I have a love hate relationship with the sheer amount of ‘sales’ happening this time of the year.

‘Love’ because let’s face it… who doesn’t enjoy saving a few pennies, but also ‘hate’ – actually ‘resentment’ would be a more accurate description – because there’s a sort of subliminal pressure in having to buy ‘in order to save’ (which is a ridiculous turn of affairs) and also sometimes the discounts are so huge I feel like we were taken for a ride if we’d bought at full price.

It’s a complicated discussion and one I don’t have time to get into too much depth this morning as I have a list of things to do as long as my arm with the added curve ball of No 3 home ill.  Kids certainly do know when to pull the ‘sick card’!

How was your week?  Mine crazy busy.  I bought a car with/for my parents,  survived a trip to Ikea with he aforementioned progenitors, sorted out insurance for them and the doctor registration and the electrician, had hair appt, and a  freezing hockey match and an eye test which revealed I need a stronger prescription and now there’s the trauma of choosing glasses again.  My old frames have seen better days but oh boy… I find choosing glasses so difficult… and it’s so ‘final’… I’ll be wearing the same frames for years… what if I choose wrong?  Do I go for classic or funky? black? tortoiseshell? coloured ? clear? big, small, serious or fun?  Sigh…

Anyway, amongst this chaos and totally unrelated to sales and here now gone tomorrow fashion… a small parcel dropped at my door and it really cheered me up.

I’ve been a fan of Elizabeth Suzann’s aesthetic and design for many years and have watched her business deservedly grow more and more.  I’m fully behind her message of sustainability and careful consumption (increasingly so actually).  You can read all about Liz’s vision here.

Last year I gifted myself the Georgia Midi dress in silk crepe and wore it loads.  This year I ordered a long sleeve Harper tunic in white linen… and it’s sooooo gorgeous!


I’ll admit January in the UK might not be the perfect time of year for wearing it… but I’ll try anyway!  And I look forward to many years of wear in all seasons.


I’m sure I have a cardigan that would do just fine… now where is it…



3 thoughts on “– 2018/6 – a treat

  1. driftwood says:

    oooh gorgeous. and I love the handwritten note too. what a lovely touch


  2. Martine Hendrickx says:

    Looks great! I want to order one as well but I have some trouble with the size. Which size did you order?


    1. Hi there, I’m 5’4″ and I ordered a OS small. I wouldn’t change anything about it!!


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