The first thing I did when I got up this morning was painting my toe nails.  Coral Pink.  And I put on a layer of clear ‘gel’ to make it last longer too.

Why am I telling you this?  I have no idea.  Another early morning, another quiet morning if you don’t count the dog mauling her rubber big.  This is becoming my favourite time of day.  Good intentions and plans are still possible and the feeling of accomplishments is almost palpable.  No curve balls yet.  No unexpected emails or phone calls or spanners in the work.

All’s well.

So today’s list:

  • bake brownies
  • try not too eat too many brownies
  • find frame for MIL present
  • hoover house (urgh…)
  • don’t forget nephew’s birthday bash this afternoon
  • wash new fabric
  • iron’s Mr M shirts
  • contact dog sitter
  • water plants (there are soooooo many…. sigh)

From yesterday’s list

  • write a blog post (done!!)
  • laundry (yup still going)
  • Butcher with mum
  • Christmas cards for the neighbours
  • Convince  bribe any of the three offspring to deliver cards to the neighbours (might just do it myself)
  • wrap the last few presents
  • wrap the stockings little presents (in the vain hope it’ll get me longer time in bed
  • buy the last three gifts ONLY ONE LEFT to get
  • drop  No 3 to the cinema (must pick him up too)
  • Start thinking about packing (we’re going somewhere warm and blue…)
  • Carbonara for dinner  we had sausages instead (see butcher’s visit above)

Do you write lists?

I have lists of books I’d like to read, lists of books I’ve read.  Lists of places I’d like to go, lists of recipe and products to try… lists of things to knit, lists of things to crochet and quilt and make… lists of things to finish too of course!

One thing ticked off a list was trying the new restaurant in town ‘The Ivy Brasserie“.

My friend H and I had our annual Christmas lunch there last Friday and it was gorgeous.

The food was pretty and tasty, the service very good… the bubbly had the right amount of bubbles…  We had the set menu, I had crab to start, roasted salmon on kohlrabi salad for main and a superb creme caramel to finish it off.

Sorry no photos… I was too busy putting the world to right to remember to take photos…


The building is stunning… the central room is under a fabulous cupola and cleverly the round bar echoes it’s shape anchoring the space and filling it without denying it… if you know what I mean.  It doesn’t feel empty or sparse, but bright and buzzy..  much better than when it was a dreary bank years ago.

The front of the restaurant is more cozy and has lower ceilings and the walls have been completely filled with gorgeous posters/paintings that make it look very warm and inviting.  I was really impressed.



Definitively one to add to the ‘must go again’ list.




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