As I’m writing it’s still dark outside and the boys, already on holiday are still asleep.  Mr M has left for work and the dog is looking at me wondering why I won’t let her out.  She’ll bark and annoy the neighbours so I’m trying to wait till at least 8am.  She doesn’t like it.

Dogs’ stare can be quite unnerving.

I have coffee and I lit a candle.

I honestly don’t know how time is disappearing so fast. I write myself a list everyday and I delude myself to be on top… but there are always items to add and I feel I’ll never be able to catch up.  Ever.

The snow didn’t de-rail us too much.  We live in town, it soon turned to brown slush.

My parents have now been resident in the UK for three weeks are are settling in nicely.

No 2’s U16 team qualified the National finals in indoor hockey.  Very exciting.  No 1’s team missed out for one goal difference.  Very frustrating.  I’m so proud of my boys.

I had this vague notion of being able to spend some time in my studio this week, now that the boys are at home… ha… what a joke.  It’s been taking over by wrapped presents and boxes and the table is full of paper and ribbons… a total chaos but you know what ?  I’m strangely ok with that.  “It is what it is” to use a phrase loved by my lovely mother in law…

(Presents wrapped in wallpaper remnants make me happy.

So on today’s list I have:

  • write a blog post (done!!)
  • laundry (ongoing battle)
  • Butcher with mum
  • Christmas cards for the neighbours
  • Convince  bribe any of the three offspring to deliver cards to the neighbours
  • wrap the last few prensents
  • wrap the stockings little presents (in the vain hope it’ll get me longer time in bed
  • buy the last three gifts
  • drop  No 3 to the cinema (must pick him up too)
  • Start thinking about packing (we’re going somewhere warm and blue…)
  • Carbonara for dinner


Totally do-able.  It’s the curve balls that always threw me though.  The cinema trip? it’ll take a couple of hours off the day.  Maybe more.  Driving parking walking there and back…  of course he couldn’t go to the cinema that’s walking distance from our house, right? Why making it easy?

Anyway, I hope you’re well and not too snotty (I’m surrounded by people with colds)

One thought on “– 184 – recap

  1. A pleasure to read this. I love “Convince” scratch that out…”Bribe the boys” to deliver the Chrismas cards. I chuckled out loud at that one. 🙂


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