… am I the only one who gets really annoyed by ‘Black Friday’?  First of all… it’s not an English thing…  Thanksgiving is not a holiday we celebrate, people are at work, it’s a normal Thursday so there’s absolutely no need to have a special Friday in which to instigate a shopping frenzy.  Doesn’t make sense.

Also, I could also cope with it (ignore it) if it was just ‘black Friday’… not black bloody week… I keep getting emails from Amazon saying ‘it’s black Friday!!’… what?  what happened to the week? where have I been? why hasn’t the sofa been delivered on Wednesday?  what am I wearing tonight?….. oh wait… it’s really Tuesday…


Also, the pressure… I’m not ready to buy Christmas presents this year… it’s too early, right?  Although someone should tell No 3 who’s obsessed with playing Xmas songs in the car…



Also, also… if we have to import a holiday… why not Thanksgiving? Not the pumpkin pies but the rest is pretty good… all the family getting together from far and wide… saying thank you instead of ‘can I have a gift receipt with that, please’…

Maybe it’s just me.

End of rant.


Lilli the dog is going deaf which is bad on more than one front… a) she barks even louder because obviously she can’t hear herself b) totally useless as a guard dog, more than she ever was, c) can’t let her off the lead anymore because she has no idea where I am and can’t hear me calling her.  Sometimes I swear she looks at me like “why are you not talking to me anymore?”… which is sad.   I know all this because normally she would hear me munching my sourdough toast and cashew nut butter and come running… but today for the first time … she’s not.  Very sad.  She’s asleep on the sofa in the next room oblivious to one of her favourite food passing her by.

We both love sourdough bread and cashew nut butter.


I need to go… have a list as long as my arm.  Self-inflicted by I do need to get it done today…




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