– 172 – more needle punching…

… because it’s totally addictive…

Today, with a raging headache I sat down to play… straight up needle punching this time because my brain wasn’t really up to too much thinking.  I didn’t even draw the design on the back ground, I just drew with the yarn.  (I’m using Rowan big wool).  Now if you know me you are aware I can’t draw to save my life, so the simple ‘folksy’ image was created out of necessity rather than choice.

I have to be honest here.


I’m totally happy with how it’s turning out to be though.


Very happy.

Needle punching is quite a quick process and I would be much more far ahead than this if real life hadn’t got in the way: laundry, dog walking, trip to the dump in the vain attempt to empty the garage of junk (… things absolutely do multiply by themselves, I’m sure)… all things that eat at the fun time.

It’s only me and No 3 at home for dinner tonight and he’s requested a bacon sandwich.  Easy enough… but when I have headaches like this one that are in danger of tripping into migraines… last thing I need is strong smells, no matter how delicious they normally are.


Things you do as a mother, eh?