Do you ever have days when you kind of feel disconnected from reality?  When you kind of go through the motions so from the outside all seems to be ‘normal’, whatever that is… you get dressed, feed the children, do the laundry… but from the inside everything seems fuzzy and kind of out of focus.  Do you know what I mean?  Like you’re not ‘here’, even if you are… and if you were to disappear… the world would simply carry on regardless…

I don’t mean I’m feeling depressed…I’m not…. hormonal? yes, obvs… but it’s different than the homicidal (just exaggerating to make a point) ‘time of the month’… it’s exactly the opposite…

Anyway, the last two days have been ‘foggy’ to the extreme.  I actually did think I had ‘actually’ posted my music Wednesday video… I was sure of it.  Yeah… in my head I did.  I won’t tell you what it is… I’ll keep it for next time.

Which is why I wasn’t here.  Fog.

On the positive side next week we’ll go on a short family vacation and I can’t wait.  End of term tiredness, work stress, horrible weather and full blown teenage ‘grumps’ (and ‘fog’) are taking its toll on all of us.  AND nobody had told me today was national Gin day… call yourself friends?  I’m sitting in the lounge by myself eating Ben&Jerry ‘half baked’ when I could be drinking GIN!!



Mr M is out with work.

No 3 is hooking up with friends on the playstation

No 2 is supine on his bed snap chatting and watching videos

I’m eating ice-cream and rambling on about nothing.

It’s stormy outside… the weather has been all over the place lately but I’m warm inside under a knitted blanket and candles are lit and I’m about to pick up my knitting and all is well and I just wanted to touch base.

I’m still here.

Normal posting will resume shortly.




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