… aka ‘the busiest week I’ve ever known…

The good thing is that this is the last post about the Literature Festival, the bad thing is that it’s a long one, so I’d suggest you grab a cup of whatever float your boat and get comfortable.  (alternatively you can just switch off now, I won’t be offended).

Right, let’s do this in chronological order.

First up:  Martin Luther. This year it’s the 500 anniversary of his famous 95 thesis and I thought it might be interesting to find out a little bit more about the man.  It was.  Very interesting, especially made so by the engaging talk of Peter Stamford.


To offset the history talk and give my brain a rest a few hours later Mr M and I attended a live episode of the classic radio show ‘Just a minute’.  Hilarious.  You can find a few episodes here if you’re not familiar with it…


Quintessentially English.  Love it.

THEN – on the same day, because I had booked it months earlier and when I wasn’t thinking about the festival… doh – my sister and I went to the theatre to see ‘Driving Miss Daisy ‘.


Delightful production with great actors (Sian Phillips, Derek Griffiths and Teddy Kempner),  subtle, brilliant acting, great dialogue, pared down setting and perfect costumes.  It was funny and poignant (especially in the light of current racial tensions) and tender and of course I cried at the end… If it’s coming near you I really urge you to go.

After a few days’ rest, on Sunday… the big one:  Hillary Rodham Clinton.


What can I say? What a fascinating talk.  Smart smart lady.  Interesting to hear her side of the story about the election, she was open about what the shock of loosing and how much it hurt…  she was inspiring to when she talked about ‘women’ and breaking down the glass ceiling and the stereotyping and male chauvinism… very, very interesting.

And then … the last event…


… which included wine tasting… what a great way to round-up two excellent weeks.

The event was ran by a company called ‘A book and a bottle’ and the book in question was The musics shop by Rachel Joyce (who also w.rote the Unlikely pilgrimage of Harold Fry and Perfect and a many others)


Need to say more?  Books and wine?

Joyce’s new book looks likely to be just as delightful as the other I’ve read so I’m looking forward to reading it.  (It’ll be a light contrast to Luther)

My favourite wine?

A tasty Malbec from Argentina…


… no I didn’t drive home.  Mr M picked me up.


(and yes I do stick things in my diary… no I’m not 16yrs old but thank you for asking)





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