Sunday’s ritual.

Drive down to the nearest village, Pieve Santo Stefano, built around a very small river Tiber, the one that flows through Rome.  It’s been an incredibly dry summer so the water level here is super low.


Sunday Mass.


which contains one of the famous ceramic works of Giovanni della Robbia


then a trip to the local bar , ‘Bar Sport’  (classic name,  there must be thousands all over the country with this name), across the square from the church.  Nowhere else the sacred and the profane are as intertwined as in Italy


for a classic aperitif.  Campari for me and dad… Crodino bianco for mum and brother.


I am definitively ‘home’.



3 thoughts on “– 131 – postcards from Tuscany

  1. Love the works of the Della Robbia family and the one you have shown is particularly spectacular.

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  2. Jo says:

    I am sure your parents have lots of good reasons to come and live in the uk but when I see your photos I wonder about the change in lifestyle!


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