We’re on the move again.

I know, I know…

To be fair I love it.  I get itchy feet a lot… living out of a suitcase does not bother me in the least.

Anyway, we’ve come for the annual visit yes, but my sister is getting married here next week and my parents will be moving to England in the late Autumn so this is kind of  a last hurrah.


Be prepared for random photos this week.


2 thoughts on “– 130 – postcards from Tuscany

  1. Deb Cox says:

    How lovely Monica. Looking forward to your post with wonderful photos of your sweet family and the countryside. I am the arm chair traveler from London, Ontario bopping through once again to appreciate your work and say thank you for sharing.
    Ciao Baby and Enjoy.


  2. Hope your sisters wedding is wonderful and you enjoy this last hurrah and your parents coming to England too!


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