It’s early morning, husband and first child have gone to work, the dishwasher is whirring in the dark corner of the kitchen, the dog is asleep on the sofa.  It’s raining hard and I have four guests asleep downstairs and two boys asleep upstairs.

I have coffee.

I like these quiet grey mornings.

After the few frantic post-vacations days today stretches rather lazily ahead … mundane chores, no errands, a little ironing…. perhaps a friend popping in for a cup of tea… it does sound good, doesn’t it?

The friends we are hosting have two gorgeous little children, it was such a treat to hold a baby again… a smily happy baby… oh how my ovaries twitched!  You should have seen the look Mr M gave me… “don’t you get any ideas now”…

Anyway,  I made him a quilt.  The baby, not Mr M.

A scrappy/I spy type quilt… because every child should have one.  By law.


And it felt really good to be sewing again after quite a long hiatus…


A lot of the fabric remind me of old projects I’d made for the my boys through the years and it’s actually like a trip-down-memory-lane quilt too.


The back is made once again using my favourite backing fabric… from IKEA.  I wonder if I’ll ever get tired of it.







6 thoughts on “– 120 – baby quilt

  1. Ta says:

    “Every baby should have one, it’s the law”….. Your goddaughter will always treasure her christening present! xx


  2. How lovely to be sitting in a quiet household. That is when I like to knit 🙂 Your quilts are absolutely beautiful. I really love the colours of that one. How does one get started with quilting? I have absolutely no idea. Is there a quilting for dummies book? xx


  3. LOVE the binding on that quilt. The quilt as a whole is very nice and perfect.


  4. Fabulous as always!! You are right, everyone should have a quilt!!


  5. Shirley says:

    The quilt is just beautiful! The binding and backing could not be more perfect. The quilting showcases the squares perfectly. What a special gift.


  6. I believe you are right; every baby should have a quilt – by law. They are such treasures and wonderful keepsakes, and quilts tell stories too.


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