Ok, indulge me a little bit more then I’ll change the subject.  Pinky swear.

(don’t ask)

If you’re a reader of this blog you might remember than a few weeks ago, when in San Francisco Mr M and I dragged our children to the De Young Museum to see the Summer of Love exhibition.  (Very interesting by the way).

Naturally a lot of floor space was given to clothes and surprisingly – and I don’t know why I was surprised really – there was a lot of crochet and one name in particular kept coming up: Brigitta Bjerke, who designed under her label: 100% Birgitta.


Such a groovy cardigan… reminds of Scooby Doo somehow…


And this is a wedding dress…


… and this.. well.. not my style but fun right?  (Imagine showing up at my boys’ rugby match in it?… maybe not!)

It’s hard to find anything about her on the internet.  There is someone with that name who is a costume designer in Hollywood currently but no other biographic notes at all.  A few years ago there was an exhibit of her work in Durango and you can read the small article about it here.  She made coats for Roger Daltrey (The Who dude!!!) people… they must have been something else…


I’d like to know more about her… if you do know where I can find books/catalogue of the exhibition anything, please let me know!

One of my favourite piece was this bedspread:


She was asked to make it by Frankie Azzara, girlfriend of the Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir.  The couple split up before it was finished and so Bjerke kept it herself.

Isn’t it amazing?

Ok, I’m not a huge fan (at all) of squeaky yarn but you have to admire the hooking skills!







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