– 113 – postcards from LA

We braved the hot California sun and headed downtown to take a graffiti tour.  (We booked through LA Art tours, you can find them here.)


Our guide was the super knowledgeable Shandu (founder of the graffiti crew L.A.Bomb back in the 80s)


Cool dude.

We learned about ‘bombing’ and ‘tags’,


about graffiti writers and graffiti artists,

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about ‘crews’ and respect of each other boundaries and work… absolutely brilliant.

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I can highly recommend it, even if you’re not a mad fan of graffiti… it’ll give you a background idea and a different perspective.  We shouldn’t judge what we don’t know.


We then had lunch at ‘Wurstkucke Restaurant, not far from there.  Delicious sausages and super ‘chips’  or fries… (don’t ask for ‘chips’… you’ll get ‘crisps’…. it’s all very complicated).

I was going to take a photo… but I was so hungry I forgot…