It would be criminal not to take advantage of this glorious weather, right?

(you can tell I’ve been living in England for many years… the weather is always on my mind!  In fact I’m sure that one of the requirement of becoming a British citizen is to make an oath of talking about the weather at every opportunity, especially with strangers!)


Anyway, I’ve enjoyed every minute of this week, I’ve ignored any scrooge that complained it was ‘too hot’… (Seriously people, get a grip!), I’ve worn skirts and linen dresses and sandals… sandals, for crying out loud, sandals!  (I can’t go on walks up the hill in sandals… I have my dad’s voice in my ear… “what if you slips?” “what about snakes and insects” “what if you trip?” “blah blah blah”… he makes Baden Powell look like an amateur, although I did see a mother in high heel ankle boots walking with daughters in flip flops… whatevs..)


I love this weather.

I want more.

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