– 78 – summer snood


… I realise it sounds a little bit “oxymoronish”… but if you do live in England you understand… right?

“Summer” is often an “idea” more than reality… which is ok, there are other benefits… like you never wear out your sandals for example (they last for years….), and sometimes you do need a light snood to shelter your neck from the Arctic winds that seem to blow everytime you’re at a cricket match (which in my case is 3 or 4 days of the week.  Yes, you can pity me, feel free) so you should be glad you made one up in a moment of total boredom.

I’m glad we cleared that one.

Half a metre of fine jersey joined together.


Bob’s your uncle.

It’s that difficult.

Mine goes twice around my neck (which is not particularly long or swan like – that would be weird anyway) and it’s soft and cute.


I like stripes.