If being a dear friend’s birthday wasn’t an excuse good enough, the fact that it was the most gorgeous sunny/blue sky/balmy day of the year so far totally clinched the deal and made it a no brainer for a day out.

We decided to head away from Cheltenham and it’s racing madness (never seen so much tweed and corduroy in my life!) and headed for the hills… The Painswick is a gem of an hotel in the charming village of the same name.  Beautifully decorated, attentive staff and great food.


We had drinks in a cute loggia enveloped by an ancient wisteria … a cheeky prosecco in the sun… if that doesn’t say spring… (I was too busy relaxing to remember to take a photo…)


I had a delicious beetroot tart (and… ahem fries… shhh), my friend’s souffle looked amazing too.


The bread basket alone would have made me whoop with joy!

Conversation flowed, presents were handed over and the world straightened where it needed to be.


Quite perfect.



3 thoughts on “– 42 – ladies who lunch

  1. smallp says:

    Sounds idyllic 🙂


  2. Emma says:

    looks gorgeous! – you will be pleased to know Mr B planning on buying a tweed suit x


  3. Cat says:

    Looks delightful. That poster is just marvellous!


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