– 41 – red and white quilt


I was going to begin by saying that I’m not a huge fan of the colour red… but in hindsight it might not be strictly true.

True I don’t own red clothes – Chris de Burgh did not write that song about me – but every year I’m tempted by a pair of red Converse, and I do like red nail polish.

Yes my house is not decorated in red but on my kitchen wall there is 1m by 1m print of  giant red apple  (La Mela, by Enzo Mari).

So maybe, just maybe I like red.  In the right place.


And the right place for me is in a quilt.

I LOVE red and white quilts.

They’re happy.  And wholesome.  The right mixture of old and contemporary.


If you’re interested in red and white quilts this book is just amazing.  It’s the catalogue from this incredible exhibition a few years back.  The photos on the website are worth looking at.