I always thought the best way to judge a man was the way he treats his children… it turns out that it’s only half of it… you should also judge a man from the way he treats his parents…

Alzheimer's  (Bob Hicock)

Chairs move by themselves, and books.
Grandchildren visit, stand
new and nameless, their faces' puzzles
missing pieces. She's like a fish

in deep ocean, its body made of light.
She floats through rooms, through
my eyes, an old woman bereft
of chronicle, the parable of her life.

And though she's almost a child
there's still blood between us:
I passed through her to arrive.
So I protect her from knives,

stairs, from the street that calls
as rivers do, a summons to walk away,
to follow. And dress her,
demonstrate how buttons work,

when she sometimes looks up
and says my name, the sound arriving
like the trill of a bird so rare
it's rumored no longer to exist. 

One thought on “– 31 – poetry Monday

  1. Jacqui says:

    Very true, my husband has spent some time recently looking after his dad. I hope my children are as kind to me x


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