Continuing with the A to Z / year of reading theme we move onto letter ‘C’.

I’ve had this book by my bed for a few years, this edition was published in 2009 and was the 10th Anniversary of the original.

No idea what possessed me to buy it.  Not my usual choice of books, I’m more of a fiction person generally, but I’ve also always been fascinated by the Dalai Lama, by his history and his religion and his spirituality.

I don’t know why I’m surprised by I have to say I really enjoyed this book.  Howard Cutler is an American psychiatric who knows the Dalai Lama well and through a series of long conversations we are given practical advices and are shown little nuggets of wisdom on how to achieve happiness, how to overcome anger and negative thoughts.

It’s not one of those ridiculous ‘how to achieve eternal inner peace in ten easy steps, whilst having it all and running a marathon and without smudging your mascara’ kind of thing, not at all.  Being happy, living meaningful, fulfilling, happy lives, takes great efforts it’s the message… but it’s possible.

Which, I guess, is all we need to know.


On that note, I’m trying to conquer my current small (actually quite big) mountain… the post holiday laundry mountain… I know my inner peace will be definitively improved by the effort.

It’s the little things, people.  The little things.

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