You’re all probably fed up with picture of snow and blue skies… so how about some hotel stationery?  I don’t write as many letters as I used to… it feels weird (and a little silly) to write about your life to someone that already knows about it because they ‘follow’ you on social media… I mean… no?

But I do LOVE stationery.  Love it.  And I’m a total sucker for stationery from hotels… the printed address… the thick paper…   It reminds me of old movies, I don’t know why and matching coats and hats, gloves and handbags and shopping that was delivered to your door in boxes.  Long old cars and cocktail  hour.

When I turned sixteen my big present was a big set of letter writing paper with my name printed in red at the top of the A4 sheet.  Glossy red, slightly raised… Thick thick paper… with a water mark …  I felt so sophisticated and grown up.

Anyway, I may or may not have sneaked some of the above in my suitcase… That’s for me to know and for you to guess…

What else?

Oh yes…


One thing I had never seen before is tea capsules.  There is a Nespresso machine in the room (love Nespresso, we’ve had our machine for ten years at home, thanks to my parents who were early converter to the thing)… but tea?  I tried the green tea and was very pleasantly surprised.  It tasted really good.

Apologies to the purists out there.

Anyway we stayed in a very lovely hotel this year, super friendly and attentive staff, gorgeous food (too nice) and our room was huge!


(post skiing action shot)

The lobby/lounge area is full of wonderful painting of Mount Cervino (or Matterhorn if you prefer) and big comfortable sofas…


… and wooden statues… and cupboards full of old china on display…


C’mon… how cute is that?


Sadly though we’ve come to the end of our fabulous week, which it’s very depressing and none of us is ready for real life … a part from my waist line that is, I swear to you that my ski pants couldn’t have taken any more …

So it is with feelings of great gloom and woe and despair and desolation… that I’m going to give you one last mountain photo…



… just because… I had to.


(we stayed at the hotel L’Hermitage, in Cervinia, a great family ran hotel)



2 thoughts on “– 25 – postcards from Cervinia, day 6

  1. All of it looks lovely. Lucky you guys!


  2. Mary Ison says:

    Loved the Alpine photos. Ah, bliss!


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