Last time Mr M was in New York for business he popped into Purl Soho  (yes, I married a good one) and bought a couple of beautiful skeins of merino line weight in the most delicate colours.

There are plenty of patterns to knit in this yarn on their website and after months of indecision I finally settled for the ‘reversible cowl‘ and I’m totally delighted by it.

It’s the sort of understated accessory that immediately becomes a staple piece in your wardrobe because it’s easy to wear, it doesn’t take too much room in a bag or pockets AND most of all… it is unbelievably warm.

I had my doubt when I started knitting because the yarn is really thin… BUT it has a fuzziness to it that it’s brilliant at trapping air and creating this lovely butter softness and because the cowl it’s in actual fact double layered… nothing gets through.  It’s merino after all, this stuff is legit! (just writing this to make my children cringe… it’s fun!)


This is me last Tuesday when I christened it with 5 hours of outdoor hockey watching in the rain.  It was a god send. (Although if you keep your nose inside… your glasses steam up… doh!)

But you can also wear it slightly more stylishly rolling it down a little..



The two skeins are good enough for two cowls OR… a cowl and a hat


I think I have my next travelling project…

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