*122* The Testaments (Margaret Atwood) – contains spoilers

Never mind I have four other books patiently waiting for me to talk about them... let me be topical and up to date for once. I pre-ordered this book months ago but had totally forgotten about it... I'm always wary of 'follow-ups' and let's face it how can you improve on the chilling perfection that… Continue reading *122* The Testaments (Margaret Atwood) – contains spoilers

*103* postcards from Costa Navarino, Greece / ‘Forces of Nature’ (Jane Harper)

Day 3. spent the day by the pool finishing this novel and getting sunburned ... actually worked out in the gym. in real life... true story... ... post magical olive oil wrap treatment... But let's talk about 'Forces of Nature', by Jane Harper. It's another case for Aaron Falk, the Australian policeman whom we first… Continue reading *103* postcards from Costa Navarino, Greece / ‘Forces of Nature’ (Jane Harper)