Day 3.

spent the day by the pool finishing this novel and getting sunburned
… actually worked out in the gym. in real life… true story…
… post magical olive oil wrap treatment…

But let’s talk about ‘Forces of Nature’, by Jane Harper. It’s another case for Aaron Falk, the Australian policeman whom we first met in her debut novel ‘The Dry’ (also brilliant). this time it’s a case of a woman missing ‘in the bush’ during a team building exercise gone wrong.

Whilst I got a little bit annoyed at how helpless the women’s group seemed compared the men’s group… the story is really gripping and perfectly laid out. The characters are well defined and rounded, and the atmosphere pleasantly, spine tinglingly creepy… you just don’t know how it’ll end/where/who/how… It keeps you guessing till the end and doesn’t let down.

I don’t think it’s necessary to have read the first novel to enjoy this one. You might know less of Falk’s background, but it doesn’t matter for this story.

I really enjoyed the Australian vernacular/terminology… it reminded me of my travelling days and it helps building a real sense of place. The description of the weather, the setting of the story are really well done. I would really recommend this book if you like thrillers (not to scary I promise), that are intelligently written and not bloody/violent etc.

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