I can hardly take any credit for these… I simply followed the fail proof, fool proof recipe and voila’.

Day 5. It’s Saturday so no school, work and kind of free for all/no need to get dressed king of day, but mother’s guilt is a powerful thing so there I was, baking. I’d like a medal please.

Frankly, it was worthy it. These are totes delish.

The recipe is the one on the back of the choc chips package… I have a vague recollection of an episode of friends with Phoebe talking about her grandma’s special recipe which turned out to be this one… but maybe I’m mistaken, it’s been a while since that aired on tv. I bought the chips on amazon, just in case you’re wondering, I can’t find them in the shops here in England.

The boys have already halved the qty that came out of the oven. We took some to the boy who lives opposite us and some to my dad, because we are nice like that.

They won’t last long, one is simply not enough…

You’re welcome.

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