I’m not going vegan (one of my children asked me that when I bought an electric car… eye-roll), but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like vegan food.

I picked up the recipe last month and found it again this afternoon while tidying up the kitchen island which, as usual, ends up collecting all sorts of random paper and objects till Mr M has a fit and it gets tidied (he’s a minimalist guy married to a hoarder… I’ll leave you with that image). Aaaanyway, I glanced at the list of ingredients and lo and behold I had every single one of them, including – surprisingly – the chia seeds. Go me. (I also have A LOT of cupcake paper thingies… from when the boys were small and I used to make them all the time… ALL THE BLOODY TIME)

I took finding this recipe as a sign from above to stop reading books about refugees for my next assignment and do some mothering thangs…

Easy recipe and quick too. Just don’t tell my boys about the chia seeds or they’ll eye them suspiciously and won’t eat them…

They are super light and fluffy and delicious. I think next time I’ll add some chocolate chips for added crunch. I didn’t bother with the frosting because usually if they don’t get eaten straight away it goes hard and they get waisted.

No 2 has just wolfed two down as soon as he walked in. I called it a success.

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