On Friday my husband and I – in the tone of the Queen’s speech please! – popped into London to visit the Studio of Paul Vanstone.

Have you ever been into a sculpture Studio? Nah, me neither. Paul makes LARGE pieces and works with marbles and stone from all over the world. Stunning pieces millions of years old…

I first saw his work a couple of years ago at the Chelsea Flower Show and I knew that Mr M would have liked it too…

I love how different the various typed of marbles are, the above black one is from Marocco, the white one is a Carrara marble from Italy… from the same quarry from where Michelangelo used to get his stone… I mean… c’mon!

Every piece had its now personality, almost… even when they had the same shape… not too are ever possibly the same… nature’s miracles.

I really love the tall slender abstract female figures. They’re so strong and dignified… they remind me of ancient temple statues… but from the future… does that make sense? Timeless, yes, they look timeless to me.

And this one too… very midcentury, don’t you think?

Paul is a very interesting gentleman full of interesting stories… he used to work with Hanish Kapoor, has had a studio in Italy, sold sculptures all over the world… and can recommend a lovely Italian restaurant in Notting Hill for lunch! (Where I tried to buy a shearling coat like the one worn by Christine Keeler in the BBC program ‘The Trial of Christine Keeler”… without success.)

It was a very good Friday.

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