Last day.

We’re back in Tokyo for just over 24 hours and after travelling for two weeks the city feels familiar: the noise, the smell, the sounds… it’s why I love travelling so much, this feeling that even the most diverse place can be a little bit like home.

We have a wonder through the city at night and in the morning we headed to the ‘Team Lab – Borderless‘ installation to be amazed. And amazed we were.

It’s like being a kid… room after room of lights and images that mess with your perception a little and at times make you feel you’re in Avatar… know what I mean? Surely you must have wanted to live in that world?

you can walk in a field of waist high neon flowers
or sit in a room of lights
lose any idea of space
and depth…
you can have a shower of lights too
my favourite room, mirrors and hundreds of lamp that turn on as get near them…

Truly magical.

The perfect ending to a wonderful trip.

One thought on “*120* postcards from Japan

  1. Deb Cox says:

    Oh Monica, thanks ever so much for sharing your life once again. The journey must have been incredible because the photos are splendid. As close as I am going to get, so thank you……………and also enjoy your running commentary! (-:

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