More Kyoto. More temples. Frankly, it’s all about them… oh and the geisha too…

So after the Fushimi Inari shrine/amazing red torii gate experience we headed back to the hotel for breakfast and then out again for more:

first up this one, dedicated it seems to a while boar. No English description (and why should they, in all honesty), but really fascinating.

In the same big compound stands the Kenniji Temple, grandiose and made up of various building and – finally – our first zen garden, or dry garden… the most peaceful of places.

… and a moss garden…

and a favourite of mine, a round window…

the main hall has a huge painting on the ceiling – fairly recent but incredibly powerful

The next day we took it a little easier; the boys did some totally bonkers virtual reality ninja training and then retired by the pool, Mr M and I took in the MOMAK , for our weekly modern art fix.

giant gate – and I mean… giant…

Back at the hotel we saw a gorgeous dance show by a Maiko, an apprentice Geisha… so delicate and gentle… a real snapshot into the past…

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