And we’re back. The sky is quite grey this morning, but we’re bracing ourselves for a heatwave in the next few days… we’ll see. They’re never as hot as they say.

The laundry is almost all done – well, until no 1 and no 2 arrive back from their trip tomorrow and then we’re back to square one – but the list of things to do in the next three weeks before we’re off on our big family trip is quite daunting. Every time I walk into a room I think of something different to add to it… Today for example I need to go food shopping because we literally don’t have anything for dinner…, there’s no fruit, there’s no milk… not even the basic essentials… then I must try sorting out no 3’s room, de-clutter all the old school stuff and sort out his uniform for next year. I know it sounds early to do so… but it’s now or scrambling around the week before he’s due to go back and having done that once I’m not doing that anymore… It may sound like an easy project, but you don’t know the kind of sloth my son is… he moves at the speed of a snail under anaesthetic…

Then there are plants to repot, the house needs a hoover throughout, stuff to be taken to the dry cleaners, visa for no 1 and his Nepal trip… a car load of recycling to take to the dump… AND filing… oh my lord so much filing I want to cry…

So let’s ignore all that for now and talk about the holiday. Let’s do like the ostrich do and hide our head in the sand.

We went to Greece, as you know, and stayed at a big resort called The Romanos, in Costa Navarino.

reception… see? big, right?
we had one afternoon of bad weather… sorry…

It was big, giant, actually, but really well designed so you never felt you were amongst hundreds of people. The rooms were in small buildings dotted around the place.

I still have no idea where this corridor takes you to…
this is the view from our terrace… never underestimate the restorative power of the smell of sea air first thing in the morning…

The grounds were immaculately kept and it was very green so you never were faced with walls of bricks and mortar, it felt like strolling in a park when you walked to the pool or the beach.

path to the beach

The beach was wide, fully equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds and a bar/restaurant served lovely food and lots and lots of platters of fresh fruit. You could hire all sorts of water equipment… mainly we did this:

Whilst the boys, no 3 and a friend, spent most of the day in the water (salted or fresh) and in the gym… boys eh?

There was also a glorious SPA that offered amazing natural treatments a lot of them based on olive oil… me and mr M are thoroughly moisturised! (After all we are in the Kalamata region!)

who doesn’t love a sunken seating area?

The food was amazing in all the restaurants we tried. Greek, Lebanese, fish restaurant… and the most incredibly Japanese fusion ever.

There are plenty of things to do for kids/kids club/gym/golf/indoor swimming/water sports… you name it. If that is your sort of thing.

So. It was good. BUT… I wouldn’t say I’d go again… big places are not my thing at all… and I’m not very good at doing nothing for more than a couple of days without feeling totally restless and cabin-feverish! It’s my problem and that is why that Mr M – who can happily lie in the sun all day – lets me go off and explore by myself without feeling left out. He probably breathes a sigh of relief when I’m off to be honest!

In August, we’re having a big holiday in Japan as a family, and I can’t wait. It’ll be much more active!!

What is your favourite holiday? Are you an explorer or a lizard? Organised tours? driving holidays? country? beach? walking?

Do tell!

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