Day 2.

I woke up in my parents’ place in Tuscany…

… and had to force myself to get up… it’s such a relaxing place I feel immediately lazy and chilled there…

… the weather is incredible, really really hot. Not that I’m complaining!

I then drove to my home town to have breakfast in the best possible way, standing at the counter in a bar full of locals with the tiniest of espresso (which packed a hefty punch) and the best pastry: a ‘bombolone’, a fried doughnut filled with custard – sorry English friends, this jam business is an abomination, get in with the custard!

This weekend is slowly turning into a feed-fest… which was not my intention.

Especially because after a morning of mooching around the local market we made it to the coast and had lunch here:

spaghetti alle vongole

In the afternoon I went back into Cesena for a sport of shopping (… when in Rome, right?) and to meet up with my all school friends, so it hasn’t been only about the food I promise

stracciatella and cioccolata

Enjoy, it’s no me.

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