Jenny does it again. A gorgeous pattern with detailed simple instructions that comes together easily and fits perfectly.

The pattern itself (you can buy the paper version or if you can’t wait, the pdf format. Easy peasy) comes with three variations and it’s very good value for money. There is a gorgeous summer dress, a tunic and a short top. Also a choice of 3/4 sleeves or short sleeves. Pockets/no pockets.

I wasn’t sure what size to do so I went for the ‘top’ version (less fabric required) and used a piece of IKAT fabric I’ve had for ages, figuring that if it worked out at least I could wear it around the house. Well, well, well… I love it!

A wearable muslin indeed.

I wouldn’t change a thing and as soon as I get two minutes I’m going to attempt the dress. The instructions are a little bit different but not impossible, even for my rusty sewing self.

In terms of fit this is a bad photo because I hate taking selfies… but it gives you an idea. I think it would look much better with a long skirt or wide trousers, but the plumber and electricians are about (leaky roof/damaged wires) and I’m really not into flashing my wares.. so black jeans it is.

needs ironing too!

(oh and I made size 6 – UK10 and I’d it’s spot on)

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