I’ve been in a mega rut regarding food. Bored of cooking doesn’t even begin to describe it… mainly because whatever I cook I always get a comment or two, or three: I don’t like this, I prefer it the other way, why did you cook this, too cooked, too uncooked, I don’t like spicy, not spicy enough… blah blah blah…

This evening I decided to cook something I actually wanted to eat and I’m going totally out on a limb. (You’ll hear the moaning in about 45 minutes… get ready).

The recipe is from this book:

which I’ve had for ages and never used (I’ve ear-marked a few others too)… and it’s here:

It sounds simply enough, right? As I said it’s the first time I’ve tried it…. so don’t blame me… (I would like to add one of my children hates onions… I think he needs to get over it… we’ll see)

Whilst cooking I’ve been watching the movie Jane Eyre. The 2011 version with Michael Fassbender… (omg)… such a beautiful version.

I need to re-read it before college starts in September and I thought it might help me to have a nice image of Mr Rochester in mind… it’s a much bigger book that I remember!

I’m also attempting to cook Basmati rice in this way… which could easily go wrong and sounds terribly complicated… send good vibes! From the same book.

While I wait for everything to cook … I might re-watch the last scene a few times… all in name of cultural research, you understand.

The film is currently on Netflix and if you haven’t seen it… you must.

One thought on “*79* Saffron and Lemon Chicken… and Jane Eyre…

  1. Deborah Roland says:

    Oh I’m so with you on the family meals business. I hate it! Always someone who isn’t keen on something. I think there are only a couple of meals that husband and sons will all happily eat (although husband isn’t too bad.) Thank you for sharing this recipe, I actually think it’s one that might go down well. Your ‘Kate’s Brownies’ has been a sure fire recipe for several years now both at home and elsewhere. It was even ok as a pudding when I forgot to put the flour in once! x


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