Yesterday Mr M and I had a rare and delightful day out which didn’t involved hockey or cricket or any other ‘ball’ activity. Just the two of us… and thousands other people, admiring gardens, smelling roses, eating ice cream (and dropping it… right darling?)…

It was gorgeous, even though I’m absolutely knackered today!

So, here are a few snapshots from our day:

The Greenfingers Charity Garden, by Kate Gould
from a different angle
Savills and David Harber Garden, by Andrew Duff
Facebook: beyond the screen, by Joe Perkins
The Resilience Garden, by Sarah Eberle
The Morgan Stanley Garden, by Chris Beardshaw
The Welcome to Yorkshire Garden, by Mark Gregory
The Dubai Majlis Garden, by Thomas Hoblyn
The Trailfinders undiscovered Latin America Garden, by Jonathan Shaw
The Wedgewood Garden, by Jo Thompson
The High Maintenance Garden for Motor Neurone Disease Association, by Sue Hayward
Green Switch, by Kazuyuki Ishihara
Paul Vanstone
The Royal Chelsea Hospital
books and flowers!
love this!!

One thought on “*76* Chelsea Flower Show 2019

  1. Deb Cox says:

    How very wonderful to be able to walk through this gorgeous cornucopia of loveliness. Thank you so much for sharing once again. Splendid. Absolutely splendid. (-:


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