Imagine this: you can only speak 100 words a day. If you go over you get zapped, badly tasered by the fitbit lookalike on your wrist. If you’re woman of course. And girls are not taught to read or write anymore. You would be a tad furious, wouldn’t you?

Sounds like it should be a good one.

The good bit first: it’s well written, easy to read, the story flows nicely without crazy jumps…

and the blurb at the back sounds good, right?… but… and it’s big BUT… the 100 words thing is the most interesting part, the rest is very, very cliche’.

We have the ultra-religious, backward looking set with ultra strict patriarchal views (it’s a little Bible bashing too), witch hunts and public shaming, the super smart female lead, the obligatory love story (with a dashing Italian to add some exotic spice), the marriage that doesn’t work but everybody is mature and gets along, kids in danger, crazy science, the token racial diversity and lesbian side character, the underground rebels, the charismatic evil leaders… etc etc.

I kid you not.

It’s a little rushed. I think it could have been amazing, but we need some background… how can something so radical get implemented from one day to the next? I mean… c’mon, suspension of disbelief in one thing, this is a little stretched. I never really believed it. And the characters are very one dimensional too so you never get to like them much because you don’t get to know them.

Disappointing because it promised so much more… maybe I’m not the target audience? too critical? Would have I liked it more if I read it in my teens? maybe, probably actually, and it can spark some funny kitchen table conversations. Mainly your kids will think they might get less nagging if you can only speak 100 words a day! (And your husband, very diplomatically will not add much…)

In short… if you’re lying on a hammock somewhere, or on a beach and want some easy diversion… go for it…

I think it could be turned into an entertaining movie (with a Kodak ending obviously, but that’s ok, I’m all for happy ending), but a great book it isn’t. I gave it 2 stars on Goodreads. A bit harsh, but it’s not a 3. Maybe a 2 1/2.

I just NEED a good dystopian story!!! Help me. Also, please I’m not a book snob… I loved the Twilight saga and Hunger Games and the first of the scorch trials and many others… lately though… I’ve been struggling…

5 thoughts on “*56* Vox

  1. Alison P says:

    If you have not read Octavia E Butler then The Parable of the Sower is really good and Kindred is stunning. I really don’t like Sci-Finor dystopian fiction but I loved both of those. A really underrated writer who should be much better known.

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    1. thank you so much! I’ll check them out.


  2. Jo R says:

    Margaret Atwood? The Oryx and Crake series.
    Or Station Eleven, by Emily St John Mandel.


    1. Yup read those. Good ones.


  3. Carolyn says:

    Sabaa Tahir’s “Ember in the Ashes” (first of what looks like will be 4 books, 3 out so far)
    Veronica Roth “Carve the Mark” and its sequel (just a duology)
    Leigh Bardugo “SIx of Crows” and its sequel (just a duology)
    anything by Laini Taylor (she has both a trilogy (starts with “Daughter of Smoke and Bone”) and a duology (starts with “Strange the Dreamer” out there)
    Kristin Cashore “Graceling” “Fire” and “Bitterblue”
    Sharon Cameron “The Forgetting” and “The Knowing”
    Brandon Sanderson’s Reckoners series
    Heidi Heilig “The Girl from Everywhere”
    Melina Marchetta’s Lumatere Chronicles

    I guess this is more straight-up fantasy but Holly Black’s “The Cruel Prince” (and its one sequel so far) was stunning.

    V.E. Schwab “A Darker Shade of Magic” (I believe there are two more)
    Mary Doria Russell “The Sparrow” and “Children of God”
    James K. Morrow “Towing Jehovah” (and its sequels)
    Elizabeth A. Lynn “Watchtower” (and the two other Chronicles of Tornor books–this is my all-time favorite trilogy)
    Larissa Brown “Beautiful Wreck”


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