I originally started this post moaning about being in a kind of funk. Too many thoughts. Never a good thing.

And then I thought, no. Funk, schmunk…. it hasn’t been a bad week despite being without dishwasher till tomorrow (god, I hate washing dishes by hand)… and the dog vomiting her dinner on my white duvet cover… I’ve managed to read two books – one excellent, one so and so, I did lots of college work, tons of ironing and stumbled upon some thoughts provoking articles which I’m going to share just in case you fancy them.

The first one is about surveillance capitalism. I had never heard of it myself and it a little bit chilling and a little bit depressing but we need to open our eyes more, we can’t just be passengers:


The other one is something I’ve been thinking about it myself for a while and I think its repercussions for society at large need to be understood. (Especially in view of the horrific events in New Zealand today):


If you are now totally down and are thinking of moving onto a desert island you can watch this program on Netflix (have tissues ready) and have your faith in humanity restored a little:

The kindness diary

Or you can read happy things here.

See? it’s not all bad.

Also… thinking about it, it’s not ‘funk’… it’s lack of chocolate. I’ve decided to support the boys that are giving it up for lent… and it’s killing me.

(do you think white chocolate is ok? I mean… strictly speaking is not really chocolate..)

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